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Very need demo of tensorflow machine learning in your browser!

#machinelearning #tensorflow #javascript
Loading Skynet (This may take a minute, 40mb)... Sorry! An error ...

What's going on? Using Tensorflow.js, we're able to use deep learning to detect objects from your webcam! Your webcam feed never leaves your computer and all the processing is being done locally! (Trust me, we can't afford the servers to store/process your data) ...

I am working on an new project where i wanted to introduce storybook. This article Will help to do that!

#learn #storybook #javascript #ui #components #styleguide
Introducing Learn Storybook – Chroma

A tutorial that teaches you Storybook by building a working UI

An usefull article about tables and responsive tables.

#html #markup #tables #responsive
Data Tables

The first thing I was told when I embarked on learning web standards about twelve years ago was, "don't use tables for layout." This was sound advice in spirit, but not very well qualified. As a result, there have been some unfortunate interpretations. Using table markup inevitably results in a

What's new Features and Improvements in Angular 6

The Angular team has done a great job in their previous versions and we hope they will do it their next version as well. Angular 6 will smaller, faster and easier to use for the angularjs develope.

Interesting article about GraphQL query batching to improve performance.

#graphql #javascript #query #batching #performance #apollo #reactjs
Improving Performance with Apollo Query Batching – Graphcool Blog

NOTE: In the meantime, we released Prisma. It features an improved architecture, a more powerful GraphQL API and provides a flexible…

Sneak peak into the future of React!

#react #sneakpeak #future
Beyond React 16 by Dan Abramov - JSConf Iceland ⚛

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