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Very nice read about the history and future off the new CSS standaard 'CSS grid'.

You can already play with it because alle modern browsers have implemented it.

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The Story of CSS Grid, from Its Creators

After more than 20 years in the making, CSS Grid is finally here.

Naming Things In CSS Grid Layout – Smashing Magazine

Learn which methods you can use that will enable the naming of lines and even grid areas in CSS Grid Layout.

Interesting read about higher order components in ReactJS

#javascript #reactjs #hoc
I’m Breaking up with Higher Order Components. – tandemly – Medium

Writing declarative, readable and flexible React components using render props instead of HOCs

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“8 Key React Component Decisions” @housecor

#reactjs #javascript
8 Key React Component Decisions – freeCodeCamp

Standardize your React development with these key decisions

I did have NodeJS running before on my iOS iPad. But now you can build apps with NodeJS running in the background with it. Also of Android btw.

#nodejs #ios #android
Node.js for Mobile Apps: full-fledged Node.js for Android and iOS

Harvest the power of Node.js inside your mobile apps. Runs on Android and iOS. Supports native, React Native and Cordova applications.

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