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Not yet started with GraphQL? Here is another nice article to read.

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Introducing the GraphQL Guide – The GraphQL Guide

Today I’m happy to announce the beta release of The GraphQL Guide, a book that I’ve been working on with Loren Sands-Ramshaw! The Guide…

A very good article about null and non-null with GraphQL.
Why you’l get cleaner Frontend code and what impact it could have now and in the future of your project.

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Using nullability in GraphQL – Apollo GraphQL

What non-null fields do, how to use them, and integration with statically typed languages

Time for an GIT update. Because of a vurnerability with GIT submodules it is possible for an NPM package to execute malicious code on the users system.

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How npm is affected by the recently disclosed git vulnerability

npm cli users should make sure that they have git version 2.17.1 or later installed to protect against a recent code execution vulnerability involving git submodules. On May 29th, a new version of git...

Always interested in machine learning? Take a look at ml5.js

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ml5js · Friendly Machine Learning For The Web.

Friendly Machine Learning For The Web.

Real Time GraphQL Mutations — Using Apollo Client, React and Optimistic UI

Taking your app UX to the next level isn’t an easy task, however choosing the right tools can help you deliver a brilliant experience to…

To fresh up your mind and maybe a new technique for you to wrap your head around.

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3 easy steps to writing compound components – Hacker Noon

Let’s dive into the world of clean React code with compound components.

SVG Please upgrade to a modern browser. Meer...