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Property Validation in Polymer and React

I come from an OO background and was taught to design classes such that your objects can never enter an invalid state. By making all of…

RisingStack has a new tutorial series called Node.js at Scale, which is a collection of articles that focus on the needs of companies with bigger Node.js installations. First in the series, "Node.js at Scale - npm Best Practices." Check it out here:
Node.js at Scale - npm Best Practices | @RisingStack

Learn the best practices of using npm: Installation, finding & investigating packages, saving or locking dependencies, securing projects and more!

Een vergelijking van NodeJS tegenhangers uit andere talen.

#nodejs #vertx #asynchroon
Node.js vs Vert.x – Part 2 : A Detailed Investigation

Jest - Painless Javascript Testing from Facebook.
Not completely new but gains popularity recently.

#javascript #testing #facebook #react
Jest · Painless JavaScript Testing

Painless JavaScript Testing

React vs Angular - A Popular JavaScript Library and a Powerful JavaScript Framework

Most interactive single-page applications are built with the help of JavaScript (JS) frameworks and libraries. And the number of JS tools for fast single-page application (SPA) development is constantly growing, making the choice of which technology to rely on more challenging for us as web developers.

React logo made with pure CSS in a single DIV element.
React logo CSS

React logo made with pure CSS in a single DIV element....

SVG Please upgrade to a modern browser. Meer...