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When you are working on a high traffic website and interested in SSR (server side rendering) this article about how Airbnb is covering this may be interesting.

#javascript #reactjs #server #nodejs #ssr #serversiderendering
Operationalizing Node.js for Server Side Rendering – Airbnb Engineering & Data Science – Medium

As Airbnb builds more of its Frontend around Server Side Rendering, we took a look at how to optimize our server configurations to support…

Introducing the Single Element Pattern – freeCodeCamp

Rules and best practices for creating reliable building blocks with React and other component-based libraries.

If you are not het using GraphQL or don’t understand what benefits there are. Read this article about the advantages and disadvantages of it.

#graphql #api #REST #javascript
Why GraphQL: Advantages, Disadvantages & Alternatives - RWieruch

An overview about the advantages and disadvantages of using GraphQL instead of REST for JavaScript applications. It answers the question: 'What is GraphQL' and 'Why you should use GraphQL' for your next JavaScript application ...

Redux explained from a designer perspective.

#redux #state #management #react #javascript
What Is Redux: A Designer’s Guide

Do you know Redux's real power is beyond managing the state? As designers, if we understand the advantages and downsides of Redux, we'll be able to contribute to this decision making from the perspective of design.

Not yet started with GraphQL? Here is another nice article to read.

#graphql #javascript #newrest #api
Introducing the GraphQL Guide – The GraphQL Guide

Today I’m happy to announce the beta release of The GraphQL Guide, a book that I’ve been working on with Loren Sands-Ramshaw! The Guide…

A very good article about null and non-null with GraphQL.
Why you’l get cleaner Frontend code and what impact it could have now and in the future of your project.

#empty #null #nonnull #schema #graphql #javascript #query
Using nullability in GraphQL – Apollo GraphQL

What non-null fields do, how to use them, and integration with statically typed languages

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