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What is/was the state of Javascript in 2018? You can read it here. This survey is held on 20.000 developers. So you can say this is a proper representation of it all.

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The State of JavaScript 2018

Discover the most popular JavaScript technologies of the year.

Want to know more about state machines in css animations? This article gives you a good head start.

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CSS Animations with Finite State Machines – David Khourshid – Medium

As the number of different possible states and transitions between states in a user interface grows, managing styles and animations can…

Interactive overview of the ReactJS lifecycle methods.

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React Lifecycle Methods diagram

Fully interactive and accessible React Lifecycle Methods diagram.

What is Modular CSS?

Modular CSS is a collection of principles for writing code that is performant and maintainable at scale.

Some interesting projects build with JavaScript.

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Top 5 New JavaScript Open Source Projects this month — August 2018

See what’s trending in JavaScript on GitHub this month.

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