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Read about what considerations were made for the new Airbnb frontend stack.

#frontend #stack #engineering
Rearchitecting Airbnb’s Frontend – Airbnb Engineering & Data Science – Medium

Overview: We recently rethought the architecture for the JavaScript side of our codebase at Airbnb. This post will look at (1) the product…

The 'codepen' for your graphql stuff. Check it out!!

#graphql #services #platform #api
Introducing Launchpad: The GraphQL server demo platform

JSFiddle for GraphQL servers

Nice live coding of text effects with CSS blendmodes.

More reading here:

#css #blendmodes #text #effects
Contrast text against background (pure CSS)

First method doesn't work in Edge (no blend mode support). Selecting/ editing text using second method is ugly in Firefox. See the live demo at https://codep...

Optimizing React Performance with Stateless Components — SitePoint

Writing inefficient React components can cause them to rerender too often. Peter Bengtsson looks at ways of creating and optimizing stateless components.

SVG Please upgrade to a modern browser. Meer...