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Context in ReactJS Applications

There is a lot of confusion amongst React developers on what context is, and why it exists. It’s also a feature that’s been hidden in the React documentation in the past and, although it is now documented on the React site I thought a post on its usage and when to use it would be of use.

Leuk stuk om te lezen. Zie regelmatig dat agile maar deels wordt toegepast. De stages die in dit stuk beschreven staan zijn dan ook herkenbaar.

Agile is still far from SAFe*

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Agile is still far from SAFe*

While the notion of being agile has never been so acute and needed in realm of digitalization, one can only notice that Agile Methodology is yet to be

Building a scalable Node.js Express app

A scalable Node.js Express architecture by properly isolating MVC layers. Router <-> Controller <-> Services <-> Model.

How Flexbox works — explained with big, colorful, animated gifs

Flexbox promises to save us from the evils of plain CSS (like vertical alignment).

Using Let’s Encrypt with Express

HTTPS is starting to become more and more of a trend on the internet. This is great because clients can safely trust the server that they…

Post from RisingStack on Node.js async best practices and avoiding callback hell
Node.js Async Best Practices & Avoiding Callback Hell | @RisingStack

This post covers what tools and techniques you have at your disposal when handling Node.js asynchronous operations. Learn how to avoid callback hell !

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