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Nice overview read about the two frameworks.

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How Is React Different from Vue?

Recently I published an article about the usage of top front end JavaScript frameworks. The two things that stood out were the dominance of React and the explosive growth of Vue. If current trends continue, it seems likely that by this time next year, Vue will have overtaken Angular as

A new kid on the block! Watch out Yarn & NPM

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Introducing Turbo: 5x faster than Yarn & NPM, and runs natively in-browser

Note: This is part of a talk I’m giving at Google’s Mountain View campus on Wednesday, December 6th — come join!

Monitoring the performance of a Node.js web application - Sqreen Blog | Modern Application Security

Building a tool to monitor Node.js application performance is easy with Async Hooks API and Performance Hooks API. Learn how in this tutorial.

Animating whithout expensive DOM re-layouts. Called FLIP!

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Animating Layouts with the FLIP Technique | CSS-Tricks

User interfaces are most effective when they are intuitive and easily understandable to the user. Animation plays a major role in this - as Nick Babich sai

An Introduction to Scrollama.js

The what, why, and how to use scrollama.js for your next scrollytelling story.

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