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Summer is almost over in Europe, But using the BBQ is not tied to seasons :-D
This guy has build a dashboard to monitor his BBQ. How awesome!!

#dashboard #grill #bbq #reactjs #adruino #javascript
How to build a dashboard for your grill using Arduino and React

“When should I use React?” My students at DigitalCrafts have been asking me this question a lot lately.

The Mega HTML5 Cheatsheet – Level Up! – Medium

Guys, guys, look what I found! The Mega HTML5 Cheatsheet. As for me, I found this one extremely useful. But enough said. Please, enjoy!

Can't make it to NordicJS? Watch the live stream today!!

#nordicjs #live #conference #javascript
⭐️ Live ⭐️ | Nordic.js 2017

Nordic.js is a two-day conference all about JavaScript taking place 7-8 Sep 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden. We want to inspire and to get inspired, to meet and learn from others and to bring our community closer together.

Refresh your insight of decomposing your modules in ReactJS.

#reactjs #modules #composing #decomposing #javascript
Techniques for decomposing React components – DailyJS – Medium

React components have a lot of power and flexibility. With so many tools at your disposal, it is incredibly easy for components to grow…

Nice presentation about testing and what tools can be used for different layers of the test pyramid (unit test, e2e test, integration test).

#test #javascript #jest #storybook, #cypress, #E2E, #unittest, #intergrationtest
Testing Made Easy: Better, Faster, Stronger Unit Tests and Integration Tests - Sessions by Pusher

Unit testing and integration/e2e/flow testing can be quite time consuming. Watch this talk for tools and best-practices to decrease the amount of time you have to spend writing and maintaining tests, making teams more productive and happier, increasing confidence and coverage. The tools we’ll be using are Jest, Cypress and Storybook.

Very nice tool die creating mockup designs. Very similar to Sketch, has also a web interface.

#sketch #ux #ui #design #tools #mockup
Figma: the collaborative interface design tool.

Figma keeps everyone on the same page. Focus on the work instead of fighting your tools.

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