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Some interesting projects build with JavaScript.

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Top 5 New JavaScript Open Source Projects this month — August 2018

See what’s trending in JavaScript on GitHub this month.

Will this become the new Sketch? First impression looks promising.

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Framer - Interactive Design Tool

Nice to read. Putting the bar on a different height. And explains why you should soms for that.

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The MVP is dead, long life to the MAP. (Minimum Awesome Product)

I will say this bluntly and without sugar coating … the MVP has died. What does that mean for product and UX designers?


No it's not a magician, well... also it is. But this houdini is a working group, or task group. they are woking on topics how to extend css through Javascript. What really?? YES, but... not at the moment.

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Houdini Spellbook

What this means is that we'll finally be able to Extend CSS via JavaScript. This is important because it's currently not possible to extend CSS with JavaScript, only write JavaScript that mimics CSS. Actually polyfilling CSS, or introducing new features (like CSS Grid), is hard-to-impossible to do, doubly so ...

I already use docker for my development quite some time. It enables me to run several projects on the same time without the hassle to configure anything when i switch. Also all the package versions for nodeJS Babel and so on can go exists together. In the end pushing things to production is faster and easier.

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How to use Docker for Node.js development | CravenCode

This guide roughly follows the result of the live-coding session I did in the video above. Base Docker image. To start our Node.js environment, we'll to first decide which Node.js version to use. Take a look at the official Node.js Docker image repository for a list of currently supported images. I'll use ...

Almost holidays. What will be your topic of interest? I would like to learn more on AI and machine learning. This face recognition is one thing i want to try out.

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Node.js + face-recognition.js : Simple and Robust Face Recognition using Deep Learning

The npm package for face recognition

SVG Please upgrade to a modern browser. Meer...